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The big fat problem with your diet plan, and what to do instead


“Dieting”… ugh… even the word conjures up feelings of restriction, boredom, frustration and despair.

You want to improve your health and appearance — that’s a positive thing, right?

So why does it feel like trying to climb a mountain… on your hands and knees… with an anchor tied around your waist?

I’ve known for a long time that conventional dieting advice sucks ass. And when I discovered why, I was able to finally get my shit together and achieve meaningful, lasting weight loss.

If you want the same thing, then keep reading and I’ll explain…

A familiar story

So you’ve stumbled across a brand-new, super-effective weight loss plan and can’t wait to get started. “This time I’m gonna do it”, you promise yourself.

But fast forward two weeks and it’s a very different picture:

The novelty has completely worn off. You’ve had enough of the bland meals and endless struggle with exercise. You’re exhausted and hungry all the time — it’s almost as if this new healthy lifestyle just isn’t meant to be.

Inevitably, you quit. The question is, why?

When you decide to give up on a diet, it’s usually for one of two reasons:

  • You’re working really hard, but losing little (or no) weight
  • You’re losing weight, but feeling deprived and unhappy

First off, understand that it’s not your fault. In fact, you have every right to be disappointed and frustrated with the situation.

Chances are, the cards were stacked against you before you even started.

So what’s the problem?

In my experience, almost every diet program out there suffers from the same fundamental flaw:

They only deal with one or two facets of a much larger set of issues.

What does that mean?

Well, think about the last weight loss plan you tried. What did it involve? You were probably told what to eat and what to avoid, right? Maybe it included a workout plan, maybe not.

Most diets follow the standard formula of treating your weight issues with a single, isolated strategy, ranging from the commonplace (reduce carbs, minimise fat, exercise more etc.) to the ridiculous (blood-type diet, cabbage soup diet, Red Bull diet).

And indeed, most of these plans will help you lose weight — if you can stick to them, that is.

But while your food choices and activity levels are undoubtedly important, there’s a much wider spectrum of contributing issues that are often ignored, such as:

  • Your beliefs. Do you find chocolate dreamy, but spinach icky? How do you view exercise — is it important to you or just a chore?
  • Your motives. What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight in the first place? Do you want to be fit and healthy, or just look like [insert celebrity role model]?
  • Your environment. Do you keep your kitchen and work-desk stocked with junk food? Are the places you hang out conducive to a healthy lifestyle?
  • Your eating habits. Where and when do you eat? Do you engage in emotional eating (i.e. using food to combat boredom, depression, anxiety etc.)?
  • Your social network. What impact are your family and friends having on your weight and health? Are you getting support or being held back?

If you want to get really serious about losing weight, you’ll need to tackle all of these issues.

Not just one or two — all of them.

If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. And don’t expect everything to come together overnight. But ask yourself this: would you rather continue on your current path of roller-coaster dieting?

Where to go from here

When I realised all of the above, it was the starting point of a journey that would see me not only lose weight, but keep it off and feel comfortable and content with my new healthy lifestyle.

How did I do that?

By developing practical strategies for dealing with my beliefs about food, keeping motivated, changing my eating habits, and everything else I previously mentioned (and eating Paleo, of course!).

Here at the Paleo Tool Kit, I plan on sharing those strategies so you too can break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and build healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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David Carroll is a writer, entrepreneur and passionate advocate of the Paleo lifestyle. Having conquered his own weight issues, David has made it his mission to help others develop a balanced relationship with food and achieve their own weight loss goals.

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